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Keyblades: A NEW KH Roleplay

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novastrike @ 07:49 pm: In the Coliseum, in the Arena...
((Something to keep Sora amused. *Snrk* The General's little secret.))

Sephiroth sat, sharpening Masamune, emerald green eyes watching the middle of the Arena typically sectioned off in tournaments. Normally, he was there, fighting with Cloud. It was a match everyone adored watching. Atleast, nearly everyone. Personally, the former General of Hollow Bastion felt it increased tension between the two warriors and it irked him. For now, he was contented to guard what he deemed his "Dirty little Secret". It truly wasn't dirty at all; simply... Something he felt should not be made public. And it was better that way as well, he assured himself.

The Halberd sliced through the air as the General's charge finished her attack. Wiping sweat from her brow, the teen with the punk hair turned to face Sephiroth, awaiting his judgement of manuvers. Her golden-green eyes were cool and collected, though people would call her a punk because her brown hair had a bizzare white streak, on her left side, starting at the temple.

Sephiroth frowned disapproval.

"Andrea." The General chastized. "You move stiffly. Even Leon could knock you out if you move stiffly, because it makes you sluggish. Again."

The General issued the command as he continued watching, a drill sargent to his troops when they disobeyed orders. He hoped the entire world hadn't heard him yelling, or he'd be exposed.


Date:March 23rd, 2005 04:17 am (UTC)

Return From Castle Oblivion

"Boy, am I sure glad you guys are back!" Sora exclaimed. "What took you guys so long??"

"Well, gwarsh Sora, Cid had never even seen that Gummi before. It's as if it just magically appeared from thin air." said Goofy.

"Never seen it before....could it...be..?" thought Sora out loud.

"Could it be what, Sora?!" exclaimed Donald.

"Uh...nevermind...Say! Didn't Chip mention to visit the Coliseum before we did anything else?" Inquired Sora.

Donald suddenly grew an expression of girmace on his face. "Bah...those guys don't know anything..."

Goofy shakes his head in disapproval, "Well there's no harm in trying. With the heartless gone, we should have a smooth ride."

"Then off to the Coliseum we go! Come on Goofy!! Come on Donald!!! I'll race ya!" chuckled Sora.

"WAAAAHHH!!! WAIT FOO' MEEE!!!!" Yelled Donald.

Sora sat in the back of the Gummi ship as Donald and Goofy took control of the ship. Although he knew he sealed the keyholes, something was urking him. He just couldn't put his finger on it. But as he layed back in his chair, all he could think about was Kairi and the smell the ocean breeze from home. It was finally over. Ansem was nowhere to be found, and the Heartless had vanished...

...or so he thought...
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Date:March 23rd, 2005 08:28 pm (UTC)

Back at the arena......

Sephiroth sat, in the Coliseum, still observant, eyes flashing. In his early years as a soldier he'd learned to understand the value of training, a fact he'd tried to impart on Andrea, though the point seemed lost whenever the girl saw something new. Part of him wondered if maybe keeping a tight watch as he did was such a good idea. Especially with a teenager. The halberd finally flew up in the air as Andrea tripped herself.

Clumsy. Hmmmnnn. Sephiroth watched her sheepishly collect herself. He said nothing, having nothing to say. Instead he gestured for the girl to take a break, and watched her leave the arena. Confident noone was about, he took to the air, gliding down to practice for himself.

Andrea walked to get some water, trying to put her hair back in place. It was always quiet between tournaments, and she enjoyed the chance to roam about. Stretching, she wandered about a bit to see if anyone was about.
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