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keyblades's Journal

Keyblades: A NEW KH Roleplay
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Welcome to "Keyblades"

A NEW Kingdom Hearts rp. I decided to make this because:

A. I didn't like the plots of the Kingdom Hearts rps out there.

B. Lots of the rps required character journals, and I felt that was too much work just to rp.

C. Many roleplays died really fast due to inactive main characters.

The plot of this rp takes place after Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. So Sora has already been through Castle Oblivion and regained his memories. Unfortunately, after he has left the castle, it is apparent the heartless have not been taken care of.

The Organization will not be part of this roleplay, abandoned back at Castle Oblivion, however, Ansem is back and he's teaming up with new villains to destroy the worlds again, with Riku's life at stake. He has new plans up his sleeve to become the ruler of all worlds. Sora and his old friends, now reunited, must combine forces to save Riku and prevent the threat of Ansem once again. New worlds and new characters may be added to the story to excite the plot even more, and Ansem will be finding new hosts that are close enough to darkness for him to posess.

*Rules may change depending on the outcomes of the game.*

Rule #1
NO GOD-MODING. An obvious rule. No flaming, either. You must respect other players.

Rule #2
You MUST be active in this roleplay. Main characters MUST post at least once every 2 weeks. Secondary characters must post at least once a month. If you don't, you will be deleted and someone else will get your character. If you have some reason you cannot be here for your designated time (vacations, family emergencies, I know the drill.) Please, PLEASE, at least tell someone who is in the community.

Rule #3
This is a literate roleplay. This means that your post MUST consist of more than three sentences in third person. The posts must ALSO be in the character already written out. You know what I mean. Ansem is not gonna be skipping around saying "Teehee!" and Yuffie is not gonna be depressed and crying all the time. Write the world or location that your roleplay post is taking place in the subject box above the actual post box.

GOOD example:
Subject: Traverse Town

Sora ran through the cobblestoned streets of the Second District in Traverse Town, trying to get away from the massive heartless following suit. He suddenly stopped to find a dead end. Without a weapon or a shield, he found himself completely defenseless at their mercy...or was he? He quickly looked up to see a brown, stone ledge. Could he...? There was no time. He jumped high into the air, grabbing onto the ledge and pulling himself up to a higher level and pushed open the doors to the First District. He was safe.

BAD example:
Subject: I luuuuv Kingdom Hearts!!

*runs around in circles* OMG OMG OMG!!! There's heartless after me! LOL! L337 r0x0rz!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Rule #4
You don't need a character journal for this RP, but you can have one if you want. I'm suggesting it because if you don't have one, you're gonna have to do the extra work of searching and reading through stuff over again instead of just skimming your journal.

Rule #5
Yaoi is permitted in this roleplay as long as you have the other player's consent to fall in love with his/her character. If not, then you cannot make your character fall in love with theirs.

Rule #6
This is a PG-13 to R-rated rp. This means there will be graphic language, graphic violence, and possible nudity. So if you're not gonna be mature about it, go away!! But even as it can be r-rated, THERE WILL BE NO PORN OR SEXUAL ACTS OF A GRAPHIC NATURE IN THIS RP. You can hint at it, or imply it, but you don't need to write it out.

Rule #7
Original characters WILL be accepted, but you will need to fill out a different application other than the one listed below. Original characters CAN wield keyblades, but they must have a DAMNED good reason, and even then, I might not let you have a keyblade.

Rule #8
Members can choose up to TWO roleplaying characters.

Rule #9
If you want to roleplay in a storyline written in the journal, you post your rp as a comment. After 50 comments, you must carry on to another lj post.

Rule #10
You must fill out an application and mail it to EternalPrince@gmail.com to be eligible for a role in this game.

This is the application
LJ Name:
Email address:
AIM screen name (if you have one):
What character(s) you would like to play:
You must write three roleplay paragraphs as the character you are applying for. It can be about anything, but must be in third person.

This application form is for NEW CHARACTERS.
LJ Name:
Email Address:
AIM screen name:
Name of new character:
Character sheet (you know, name, age, description, weapons, anything important, etc):
Light or Dark:
Relation to the story/history:
You must write three roleplay paragraph showing that you are a literate rper. It must be in third person with the character and relation to the story.

Again, email your application to EternalPrince@gmail.com

Sora, Riku, and Kairi are very important roles, so the people who want to play them will have to be able to post at least once a week.

Ansem- radiantgrimoire (AIM: DarkEternalAbyss)
Sephiroth- novastrike (AIM: Ansemsan)
Sora/Donald/Goofy- mstkn_pr0phcy (AIM: Off Terra Firm)
Riku- chaotic_riku (No AIM)
Aeris/Aerith- takai_no_tenshi (AIM: MageAeris)

Andrea- novastrike
Ansem's daughter. A girl spawned by darkness that escaped the wrath of his experiments at Hollow Bastion.