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Keyblades: A NEW KH Roleplay

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takai_no_tenshi @ 11:19 pm: Aerith's Appearance
((OOC: Okay, I needed to get off my lazy ass and post. XP And I'm just pretty much going to take the idea Yusei gave me. n.n;;))

Aerith walked out of the library in Hallow Bastion, wandering around the castle aimlessly. So far, no Heartless had came across her path, much to her relief, but she knew they were out there, and the thought was less than settling. Her feet seemed to glide across the floor, having lived here for her life, and her green eyes glanced about the place, standing now before the stairway. Something....Something didn't feel right.....

It almost felt like someone else was here, but who? The thought of bumping into Ansem or Sephiroth was enough her blood run cold in her veins, and she almost shuddered at the thought. However, still not willing to back down, she decided to search and find out who it was.

((OOC: Okay, she doens't know where Sephiroth is, being as she would naturally try to avoid him as much as possible. And I'm going to get a Aerith icon soon. n.n;;))

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