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Keyblades: A NEW KH Roleplay

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chaotic_riku @ 11:35 am: Hollow Bastion
A moan sounded, from just outside the keyhole in Hollow Bastion, lay a figure on the ground. Riku shifted slightly, his silver hair obscuring his face as he slowly started to get up. Bracing himself on his arms, he lifted his head up slightly to observe where in the nine hells he was.
Hollow Bastion...? He thought dumbly as he pushed himself up a little further, before falling back and resting on his back.
Well. That accomplished nothing. He thought dully as he stared at the ceiling, in a spread eagle position.

Suddenly he burst out laughing, even though his body was sore and hurt like hell everywhere, he was happy, perhaps truly for the first time ever since he left Destiny Islands.
I'm rid of him, I'll never have to see Ansem again. And it'll only be a while till I rid myself of the darkness as well. He thought triumphantly. With a tired sigh, he got up to his elbows, before slowly getting to his feet, though he lacked balance. Stumbling around a bit, he once again observed his surroundings.

Now... where the hell should I go? His next thought was the cliche one, and funnily enough, he had absolutely no clue.
Well, I just wanna get the hell out of here, I hate this place and all it stands for. Riku thought angrily as a small flash of scorn crossed his face. Regaining composure, he walked out the door and into the maze of Hollow Bastion.

(OOC: *waves* Hi ppl! I am your brand shiny new Riku mun. XD I just feel so sorry for Riku though, thinks he's free of Ansem and... T_T Lol.)

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